Hope to meet you and your family!

Being somewhere for the first time can be intimidating. We do not want anyone to feel unwelcomed or like you are tresspassing at MCBC! We have listed some information to answer the top questions or concerns a new person may have before attending MCBC for the first time. 

What is it like?

  • We strive to have an eviroment and atmosphere of worship in our services. There are no "superstars" in our services except the Lord Jesus Christ. Therfore, all aspects of the worship services, from the songs we sing to the messages we preach, focus upon Him and the Gospel.


What about my kids?

  • We offer a nursery for all services for children 4 years old and under if you so choose to utilize this service. This is an option and certainly not mandatory for your children to go into the nursery.
  • Children are a vital part of our ministry and are completely welcome in all areas of ministry. We have children ministries to help mold and train up the children of MCBC from "Creek Kids" (Elementary Age) to Youth 4:12" (Youth Ministry)


What do I wear?

  • There are no "dress codes" to visit our church. 


How can I get connected?

  • We have an assortment of opportunities to serve in the church and connect with other believers in the family of God from the First Steps Class (New Believers/New Members) to Focus Groups (Discipleship) and age appropriate  Sunday School Classes.
  • We have community outreach inititives that we encourage all the members of MCBC to be part of.
  • You can visit the Ministries page to see what area the Lord will direct you to serve in and be a part of.


Click on the button below and fill out the form and we will assign one of our members to reach out to you before your visit and introduce themselves to you so you will already know someone by the time you arrive. 

First Time Visit